Most Delivery Payload


Average Takedown Time

7 days, 20 hours, 19 minutes

Top Malware Hosting Network



Number of submissions (past 30 days)

The chart below documents the number of submissions (unique malware URL) to URLhaus per day over a period of 30 days.

Top Reporters

It wouldn't be possible to operate URLhaus without the help of volunteers who report malware URLs to URLhaus. The table below shows the top reporters and their Twitter handle.


Blacklist Comparison

URLhaus reports malware distribution sites to Spamhaus DBL, SURBL and Google Safe Browsing (GSB). In addition, several vendors of IT-security software are consuming URLhaus feeds to enrich their product(s). The statistics below measures the perfomance of several blacklist and DNS providers by counting the number of blacklisted domain names and compare them against each other.

Spamhaus DBL


AdGuard DNS

Quad9 DNS

Disclaimer: The blacklist comparison does only consider active malware distribution sites tracked by URLhaus.

Most Delivered Payload

Malware URLs deliver all kind of different payloads. This chart shows the number of payload per malware family (signature) identified / crawled by URLhaus.

Top Tags

Most seen tag associated with malware URLs tracked by URLhaus.

Top Malware Hosting Networks

The chart below shows the top malware hosting network by ASN. Please consider that some of them just offer CDN or proxy services and are hence not hosting the malicious content it self rather than facilitate delivering the malicious payload to the user.

Top malware hosting networks in total (counting online and offline malware distribution sites):

RankASNCountryAverage Reaction TimeMalware URLs
1AS14061 DIGITALOCEAN-ASN- US5 days, 3 hours, 7 minutes35'255
2AS15169 GOOGLE- US9 days, 15 hours, 29 minutes16'444
3AS4837 CHINA169-BACKBONE CHINA UNICOM China169 Backbone- CN6 days, 4 hours, 21 minutes12'385
4AS13335 CLOUDFLARENET- US10 days, 19 hours, 0 minutes11'381
5AS16276 OVH- FR11 days, 17 hours, 55 minutes11'295
6AS46606 UNIFIEDLAYER-AS-1- US15 days, 6 hours, 7 minutes10'819
7AS26496 AS-26496-GO-DADDY-COM-LLC- US21 days, 1 hours, 44 minutes10'223
8AS4134 CHINANET-BACKBONE No.31,Jin-rong Street- CN16 days, 4 hours, 4 minutes8'711
9AS132525 CMNET-HEILONGJIANG-CN HeiLongJiang Mobile Communication Company Limited- CN1 day, 6 hours, 31 minutes5'769
10AS54290 HOSTWINDS- US8 days, 20 hours, 16 minutes4'585
11AS22611 IMH-WEST- US2 days, 14 hours, 46 minutes4'435
12AS32244 LIQUIDWEB- US16 days, 11 hours, 48 minutes4'125
13AS16509 AMAZON-02- IE10 days, 21 hours, 34 minutes3'511
14AS7506 INTERQ GMO Internet,Inc- JP5 days, 15 hours, 10 minutes3'495
15AS208286 MAXTV- XK16 days, 22 hours, 7 minutes3'477

Top malware hosting networks, hosting active malware content (counting online malware distribution sites only):

RankASNCountryAverage Reaction TimeMalware URLs
1AS8068 MICROSOFT-CORP-MSN-AS-BLOCK- US1 month, 21 days, 17 hours, 36 minutes540
2AS15169 GOOGLE- US9 days, 15 hours, 29 minutes156
3AS42864 GIGANET-HU GigaNet Internet Service Provider Co- HR9 days, 15 hours, 5 minutes117
4AS4766 KIXS-AS-KR Korea Telecom- KR1 month, 3 days, 14 hours, 28 minutes109
5AS9318 SKB-AS SK Broadband Co Ltd- KR2 months, 5 days, 8 hours, 24 minutes104
6AS4134 CHINANET-BACKBONE No.31,Jin-rong Street- CN16 days, 4 hours, 4 minutes82
7AS206898 BLADESERVERS- NL26 days, 6 hours, 35 minutes81
8AS44685 REBECCAHOST- US18 days, 17 hours, 10 minutes61
9AS8551 BEZEQ-INTERNATIONAL-AS Bezeqint Internet Backbone- IL2 months, 10 days, 16 hours, 55 minutes45
10AS4837 CHINA169-BACKBONE CHINA UNICOM China169 Backbone- CN6 days, 4 hours, 21 minutes44
11AS7018 ATT-INTERNET4- US1 month, 20 days, 10 hours, 10 minutes41
12AS6849 UKRTELNET- UA10 days, 18 hours, 14 minutes33
13AS7922 COMCAST-7922- US1 month, 21 days, 8 hours, 44 minutes32
14AS48161 NG-AS Sos. Bucuresti - Ploiesti nr. 42-44- RO4 months, 5 days, 17 hours, 4 minutes31
15AS199264 XEMU XEMU- EE4 days, 15 hours, 53 minutes29

Takedown Statistics

URLhaus is sending out abuse reports to hosting providers, hosting malware distribution sites. The following chart shows the number of active malware distribution sites and the number of unique abuse reports sent per day.

The following table shows the top 15 hosting providers with the fastest abuse desks. To generated these statistics, URLhaus measures the time between when URLhaus sent the abuse complaint to the hosting provider and when the reported content goes offline. Please consider that the accuracy is +/- 1 hour.

RankASN GoodCountryOnlineOfflineAverage Reaction Time
1AS136665 ELLFIBER-AS Ell Innovations Pvt Ltd- IN011 minute
2AS13022 STREAMS_GMBH- AT015 minutes
4AS34243 WEBAGE- GB019 minutes
5AS10103 HKBN-AS-AP HK Broadband Network Ltd.- HK019 minutes
6AS6789 CRELCOM-NET- UA0111 minutes
7AS46652 SERVERSTACK-ASN- US0411 minutes
8AS16912 4-LESS-NETWORK- US0111 minutes
9AS43578 BITNAP bitNAP Datacenter 01 Barcelona- ES0111 minutes
10AS52078 MARTEL- PL0114 minutes
11AS263891 TURBONET INFO E TELECOM- BR0114 minutes
12AS56977 ASSTILAR- RU0115 minutes
13AS38186 FTG-AS-AP Forewin Telecom Group Limited, ISP at- HK0217 minutes
14AS133699 ZIPTELIT-AS-IN Ziptel IT Solutions Pvt Ltd- IN0118 minutes
15AS29953 MORNCOMM- CA0118 minutes

The following table shows the top 15 hosting providers with the slowest abuse desks. To generated these statistics, URLhaus measures the time between when URLhaus sent the abuse complaint to the hosting provider and when the reported content goes offline. Please consider that the accuracy is +/- 1 hour.

RankASN PoorCountryOnlineOfflineAverage Reaction Time
1AS61165 UMOS-AS- RU0119 months, 29 days, 16 hours, 34 minutes
2AS48278 UKRDATACOM-NET-AS- UA0119 months, 10 days, 8 hours, 22 minutes
3AS137693 CHINATELECOM-GUANGXI-NANNING-IDC CHINATELECOM Guangxi Nanning IDC networkdescr: NanningGuangxi Province, P.R.China.- CN0717 months, 25 days, 21 hours, 44 minutes
4AS134768 CHINANET-SHAANXI-CLOUD-BASE CHINANET SHAANXI province Cloud Base network- CN0116 months, 29 days, 21 hours, 3 minutes
5AS7843 TWC-7843-BB- US1116 months, 16 days, 22 hours, 26 minutes
6AS34320 MNW-AS- RU0415 months, 27 days, 12 hours, 15 minutes
7AS6354 LYCOS- US0114 months, 28 days, 16 hours, 13 minutes
8AS29713 ELIA-60- US0214 months, 25 days, 10 hours, 35 minutes
9AS58542 CHINATELECOM-TIANJIN Tianjij,300000- CN1114 months, 16 days, 7 hours, 0 minutes
10AS9811 BJGY srit corp.,beijing.- CN4114 months, 13 days, 9 hours, 1 minutes
11AS35401 SUNLINK-AS Sunlink Telecom ISP, Tula, Russia- RU0114 months, 13 days, 3 hours, 56 minutes
12AS204736 NIDATLKM- TR0114 months, 10 days, 18 hours, 16 minutes
13AS24165 UBBNET-AS-TW UNION BROADBAND NETWORK- TW0114 months, 9 days, 6 hours, 12 minutes
14AS29413 KOMRO-AS Komro Telekommunikations GmbH- DE0114 months, 5 days, 20 hours, 49 minutes
15AS17227 ATT-CERFNET-BLOCK- US0114 months, 3 days, 19 hours, 1 minutes

The full list of average reaction time over all hosting providers (ASNs) can be found here:

If you are a hosting provider, network owner or national CERT, you can subscribe to the URLhaus feed for your ASN or country here: