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Here you can propose new malware urls or just browse the URLhaus database. If you are looking for a parsable list of the dataset, you might want to check out the URLhaus API.

There are 309'297 malicious URLs tracked on URLhaus. The queue size is 0.

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Dateadded (UTC)Malware URLStatusTagsReporter
2019-08-28 07:11:38https://mualap.com/wp-content/themes/Avada/bbpr...OfflineGandCrab link Troldesh link @JAMESWT_MHT
2019-08-27 23:43:49http://xn--u9jt73g5sae97fe1v5rm.xyz/common/css/...Offlineexe GandCrab link Troldesh link @zbetcheckin
2019-08-27 23:39:30http://xn--20-1b4aw96kpbsw7pflpnd651j.xyz/1c.jpgOfflineexe GandCrab link Troldesh link @zbetcheckin
2019-08-27 21:11:45http://xn--40-1b4aw96kpbsw7pflpnd651j.xyz/1c.jpgOfflineexe GandCrab link Ransomware Shade link Troldesh link @p5yb34m
2019-08-06 06:47:05http://intras24.nichost.ru/errordocs/style/1c.jpgOfflineGandCrab link Troldesh link @JAMESWT_MHT